Ready for the 2017 Wildfire Season

DNR and partner agency firefighters and wildland fire responders are ready for the 2017 wildfire season. 
The three Washington interagency wildfire training academies have concluded and Washington's wildfire season has officially started. Our interagency academies allow firefighters to become familiar with the Incident Command System and assists them with future deployments. Interagency training allows those responsible for responding to wildfires the opportunity to learn together before fighting fire together, building trust with one another and introducing common language for good communication between all agencies. 
After spending a week in Cle Elum training, our helitack crews are ready for fire season. Since Helitack crews can be off the ground and enroute to a fire within five minutes of dispatch, they are a vital part of DNR’s fire program. 
In May 2017, DNR staff trained Washington National Guard members to be able to put these crews on the line if needed during the fire season. 
 Training to prepare staff for the upcoming #WaWILDFIRE season Learning essential wildland firefighting skills in Naches WA.
Also in May, 26 staff members from the DNR, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affiars, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Parks Service trained together in Forks, Wash. They learned methods for keeping the public updated with timely and accurate wildfire information.
S230 training in Forks WA for public information staff.