Forest Practices Board Rule Making

The Forest Practices Board follows the state laws that govern its rule making activity.
The Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 34.05 RCW) requires that agencies conduct a process that ensures public involvement opportunities and considers the economic impact of its rules.
The Regulatory Fairness Act (chapter 19.85 RCW) requires agencies to consider disproportionate impacts of rules on small businesses.
The State Environmental Policy Act (chapter 197-11 WAC) requires agencies to consider environmental impacts of rules. 


Subjects of the Forest Practices Board's current rule making activities are listed below. For past rule making activity, please visit our archived rule making activity page
Experimental Research Treatments - Pilot Rule Making
CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry Approved 05/08/2012
CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry Approved 02/10/2010
Electronic Signature and Electronic Payment
CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry Approved 2/8/2017 

Road Maintenance
CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry 
Unstable Slopes Information on Forest Practices Applications
CR-103P Rule Making Order  
Concise Explanatory Statement
Cost Benefit Analysis
Rule Making Hearing Notice 01/07/2015
CR-102 Proposed Rule Making 
Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis
CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry